söndag 3 maj 2015

Am I a good mum?

Am I a good mum?

That is a question I ask myself often these days.
Very often lately.
I have been around my teens a lot more than usual the last month.
I have been off of work because of an accident that hurt my spine.

So then, let´s explore: Am I a good mum?

We have two children in our family. Well, two youngsters in their early teens. They are not alike at all, other than being curious. Which I feel and think is a good characteristic for now and future on.

One reads a lot and the other plays online games a lot.
Is this something that bothers me? Mmm huh, a bit...

How do I value different reading activities, I ask myself. What was reading in the past, what is reading today and what will reading become in the future? These are questions on my retina today.

One child is a reader, a writer, a thinker on paper and a communicator online in mother tongue Swedish and in it´s second language english.

One child is a reader, a writer, a thinker and a communicator online world wide in it´s second language English as well as in Swedish sometimes.

How do I a feel about this?
What in my own behaviour do I recognise in this?
How do I act, I ask myself.
Am I a Multimodal reader and communicator as well as they are?
Can I stop once I get going reading, writing, communicating or collaborating online or in real life?
There comes the next question: What is real life than?
These questions that pops up tells something about me, about the time we are living in and about what is hot or not i education, in media as well as in our society. How do we invest our time and in what do we invest it? What will it lead us to in the future? To jobs? To friendship? Does it lead to other ways to do the same things, but with different types of media?

My reading behaviour

In the past I fridley declared: -"Dinner is ready!"
One child responded: -"I have to know what will happen in the end of this chapter first". That I can live with...

The other child responded: -"I have to die first!". Frankly, quite horrible if you ask me. It makes me feel extemley uncomfortable...

So how do my own behaviour patterns make me act, I ask myself.
Do I always stop my activities? For example when I dig in my garden or when I am in the middle of piano piece, when my husband asks me to come to the dinner table?
Sometimes... sometimes I have to dig just a bit deeper first...

Today when I call for the kids, there is not "have to die first". It has changed into something else: -"I am talking to friends in South Africa, in China, in the US and in Germany and we have to solve this problem first".

I think I have to look upon the activity instead of the tool itself - tough? Yes, a bit. When dinner is ready anyways.

And yes, I am a good enough mum because I think about this. I reflect and I try to analyse our different ways, to be a better mum from now on.

So, why did I choose to write this blogpost in English? To keep up with the kids...

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